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Are Catholics allowed to...?

 As a newlywed, I realized that there wasn't a way to ask real practical questions regarding sexuality, and get answers from a Catholic perspective. There are certain things that aren't appropriate to discuss with a priest, or even a good married Catholic friend of the same sex, but books can't address MY specific questions - and I knew if I had them, others did too. 

Wouldn't it be great if there were a place where we read about and maybe discuss this Catholic sex stuff, as anonymously as possible? 

Here it is.

This blog applies Catholic sexual ethics to specific situations that occur within marriages. To that end, the desired audience is mostly married Catholics who desire to be faithful to the Church. This site is less for those who need convincing on the Church's teaching (since that is more theological or philosophical, as opposed to practical) as opposed to those who are already largely convinced and just need help living it out. 

 (3) Ways to Get the Conversation Started:

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  2. Email me (catholicsexy at gmail dot com)
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**You DO NOT have to enter your real email or a real name in the form.
If you would like me to respond personally, please enter that information correctly and state so in your comment; otherwise, I will post it (without your name, even the fake one) and reply publicly. 


  1. Me and my wife of 38 years are still enjoying our intimacy even though we having problems.My question is that i have ED and medication does not word and my wife has Parkinson and has a hard time climaxing oraly or stimulated and i have to be stimulated by hand.I the future i am looking into a penial implant. What does the church teachings as about a married couple with these problems.

  2. Hi. I am a newlywed and have been married a little over two months. Before marriage I had heard so many great things about sex and expected it to be romantic, pleasurable, spiritual, beautiful and may make me feel closer to my spouse. As it turns out I feel none of these things. I love my husband dearly and I never turn him down. I feel nothing emotionally toward intercourse or physically (except for occasional pain). I have been to many sites and have read the same things. Catholic ones just talk about how sacred sex is and non- Catholic ones just tell you to use sex toys and masterbate or do things we already do or have tried (go on dates, try new things, the whole nine yards). Maybe 2 months is still early and it will come with time but I feel very desperate as I never wanted to be the typical wife who hated/avoided sex with a husband who wants it every day.

  3. Not all priests are closed to questions about intimacy and sex. Get to know your local priest, there are some who want people to be happy and to grow and strength the church through appropriate intimacy. I am blessed.


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