To keep up general decorum, here are some helpful guidelines about how interactions on this site are monitored.

Comment and Question Policies

  • Questions from men AND women are accepted! Although I am a woman, this is not a girls-only site. 
  • No comments will be accepted that are in any way geared towards being arousing, lascivious, or simply gross. I'll try hard to be as swift as possible in deleting general yuckiness. I get to make the judgment call on what is inappropriate. 
  • Please try to frame your questions in as modest a way as possible; that is, please use language that is less like slang and more like a biology class. That'll just keep everyone's comfort levels up and make this feel less like a creepy p*** site. 
  • Feel free to ask about anything that regards a couple's sex life, which is quite broad. This can include relationship issues in general, but please be aware there are limits to the answers you can find in strangers! Anything too big will be referred to Catholic therapists, who are better qualified to help.
  • I will answer questions from nonmarried persons only if they are mere inquiries (i.e., 'I'm getting married in two months and am wondering about...'). I will not tell you and your girlfriend how to resolve your issue that you shouldn't be having because you shouldn't be having premarital sex in the first place. 
  • Because this site deals with such a delicate topic, the goal here is anonymity. Please be respectful of mine and I promise to always be respectful of yours. 
  • The 'Ask a Question!' form to the right does NOT require your real name OR a real email address! These comments are emailed to me. I will post these questions publicly (unless you want only personal correspondence) and not attach your name to them. I will then reply publicly. If you would like me to reply personally to you or would like me to use your name, please state so in your comment. 
  • I realize that sometimes I write in such a hurry, I may not cite things correctly. Whenever specific citations are requested, I will do my best to get them to you promptly. But that often requires combing through my library to find where exactly I read something, and tracking down just the correct source. I only ask for your patience, please
  • Links to books, products, etc. may be affiliate links. This means, if you buy through that link, I get a few pennies towards future purchases at that site (usually, Amazon). If I ever do product reviews, I will disclose whether the product was purchased independently or provided free for review.

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