Monday, July 15, 2013

What is Catholic Sex?

In my personal blog, I posted a question about Catholic sex. What's allowed, what isn't, and in this vague post-Vatican II world, where do we get good holy answers? It used to be mum and dad pulled you aside and told you the truth the night before your wedding night, but these days the nitty-gritty is left to PS109 and all they teach you about are condoms and bananas. So maybe you get a few good Catholic books, all of which talk about conjugal love and sex being a foretaste of Heaven, which is great but doesn't answer any of your questions.

So where is it?
Where is the place to find practical answers about sex that respect the beauty of Catholic teaching? 

Well, here, I guess. 

This site is my attempt at offering help to the married Catholic. I'm not anybody special; just a married gal who loves the Church and studies Her teachings. Here is where I will offer to start a dialogue about sex and about the Church's teaching. More than theological, I hope this site will be practical and helpful.

I promise I'll never represent my opinion as Church teaching and to never share this website with my Dad. 

Beyond that, I make few promises. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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